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“I want to produce and deliver a musical program for seniors living in special homes and hospitals where there is little or no budget allocated to professional entertainment.”


Since 2003, Jake has had an active interest in bringing music to the elderly and infirm. He now offers himself as a musical respite therapy resource. Respite therapy is a truly remarkable way to reach out to people suffering from various forms of dementia and other debilitating conditions. Activity directors, facilitators and other health care professionals hire Jake to come in and entertain their clients, from CTV Newsmostly seniors, with songs from the hit parade of their youth, or with singalong favorites that engage the listener, and encourage them to join in. Music can work miracles, and Jake has dozens of stories of watching people come out of their shells just from listening to the music they love or remember from their past. Music respite service is different from conventional music therapy in that it is intended to be a “break” in the day, that offers a change of pace and an opportunity for repose for both the clients and the caregivers.

If you have a loved one whom you think would benefit from a personalized music respite program, or if you work in the health care field and would like Jake to entertain your clients, contact him at

Aqua Vitae: “MUSIC as MEDICINE

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Jake started Aqua Vitae a few years ago to respond to the demand for music for seniors living in homes and hospitals who don’t have the budget to pay professional musicians to entertain their live-in clients. Every year around Christmas time Aqua Vitae sought out caring individuals to make tax deductible donations that would be spent paying professionals a working wage to play music for the people who need it the most. The last of these shows was performed in December of 2009.

Aquavitae interview

Since then, changes in Canadian tax laws on the part of the Conservative government have resulted in the Phoenix Community Foundation and therefore Aqua Vitae losing their charitable status, making it harder to solicit donations, despite the tremendous need for this service. What’s more, now that Jake has rekindled his recording career, he is simply too busy to personally make the calls and solicit the funds needed to keep Aqua Vitae up and running. We hope very much to get Aqua Vitae back on the road again some time soon. The band is still active and still available to play. If you wish to make a donation and bring music to a senior that you love, please e-mail Jake at and mention that you are interested in funding an Aqua Vitae program.

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