Press Quotes

“The truth is, words, mine or anyone else’s, are no substitute for seeing Jake perform.”

– Chart Magazine
“A Big Rude Genius.”

– In Pittsburg Weekly, Pittsburgh, PA
“Jake’s voice is an elastic instrument able to croon, talk, snarl, and seduce as the material merits, bringing a mutant mix of Damon Runyon, Johnny Rotten, and Mose Allison to his witty, erudite tunes.”

– Boston Phoenix
“No student of the Canadian music scene can consider themselves ready for graduation until they have contemplated the impact of Big Rude Jake. … A gifted songwriter.”

“Big Rude Jake creates larger-than-life tales of woe, seamy streets, and loud characters. Giving a nod to old-school blues characters, he writes more in the vein of Tom Waits or Nick Cave, creating world-weary, witty characters who can’t resist commenting on the irony of their situations.”

– All Music Guide
“Truly a student of jazz and its related folk and literary traditions, Jake infuses (his) musical creations with vivid stories …tinged with dark irony, humor, and contemporary heartache.”

– Theresa LaVeck, All Music Guide
“ Skillful, well-grounded playing, Tom Waits-inspired storytelling lyrics, and Jake’s take charge vocals distinguish them from (the) pack.”

– Will York,
“Big Rude Jake is known by hard-core fans around North America and Europe as a truly original and intelligent song-writer and lyricist.”

– Cecil Barns, ATOMIC magazine, NYC
“Jake and his band had come to Lee’s to make a joyful noise unto the crowd. A noise that could best be described as Louis Jordan meeting Tom Waits by way of Leon Redbone. … And the songs themselves? Tough, honest and ultimately inspirational.”

– Martin Baker, Exclaim

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