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Recorded live off the floor at Lee’s Palace in Toronto back in the 90’s. Never intended for commercial release. This is a killer CD for fans of the original band. Raw, rough, wild and loud. Jake’s banter is over the top. Up to 2012, it’s the only BRJ recording to include covers – two: “Minnie the Moocher” and “What’s the Use of Getting Sober?” Compare early versions of “Yellow Jacket” and “A Wolf Surrenders to Fate” to later incarnations on Live Faust Die Jung… Blue Pariah hadn’t been recorded yet, so the Bootleg has the first recorded tracks of some of those tunes as well…

UPDATE: November 21st, 2010

Due to popular demand, folks can finally get their hands on this cherished, rant-filled performance! It’s as bawdy, rowdy and charming as ever. Relive the memories, or find out what you missed!

It’s available in digital format starting TODAY.

We’ve had so many inquiries about this recording. Here are some of the most recent quotes – yours may be here! Read on:

“I loved this album but my tape died years ago.”

“This makes my day. I haven’t seen Jake perform in years, but he was amazing and that recording helped to bring back the live experience.”

“I have it, but no way to listen to it! Your monologue about grunge fashion was hilarious, and the recordings were great too.”

“It was a fantastic recording, full of swagger and cigar smoke.”

“Yes! Mine’s been at my (actually stolen off a buddy) desk … for over a year waiting for a free moment to make my own CD copy of it. An official re-release would be awesome!

“I would love to get my hands on a copy!”

Big Rude Jake: Christmas Bootleg - Live at Lee

Night of the King Snake
Hard Deep Junction Blues
Yellow Jacket
Filthy Bastard Cabaret
Minnie the Moocher
A Wolf Surrenders to Fate
What’s the Use of Getting Sober (When You’re Just Gonna Get Drunk Again)?

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