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“The way your music sounds so completely different from album to album, without ever losing its spirit, is the mark of a great artist; like few I’ve seen in recent days. Keep up the awesome work, man!”
“Why is it I’m finding better musicians and singers on Youtube and not on the radio, not even satellite radio???? Jake, you got the right stuff. Awesome sound!!!!!!”
“A wordsmith par excellance. Heck ova poet to put stuff like this together: “..dead wide awake…” “…a crimson skyline oozes black, and lights up like a favorite song…” Thank You.”
“His sound is all encompassing, it transports you to a time when musicians were revered, and catching a live act was an event that you dressed to the nines to attend. It’s music you know deep in your soul. He always leaves you happy and wanting more!”
I used to come listen to you almost every second weekend at the Reservoir Lounge in Toronto. At the Lounge, I bought [Big Rude Jake/Defiance]. I absolutely loved it! … Gotham City Serenade, Blue Pariah, Queer for Cat and so many more. I really miss when your band played at the Reservoir lounge. It’s not the same anymore and I basically stopped going.
“I have a radio show called the Retro Lounge that airs Saturday nights at 6pm cdst on WKGC fm-am-hd, Panama City, FL, USA and online at  We already had the Big Rude Jake self-titled CD in-house when we started the show over 2 years ago and I played one of his songs on the very first show. I still play a Jake tune almost every week. Every time I play a song by Jake I get e-mail action. People love it.”
“Steppin’ Out Under the Moon – Wow, this just oozes coolness.”
“Big Rude Jake = Awesome”
“I loved this band, I used to work at the House of Blues in Chicago and basically the whole staff was in love with them. They were on a loop of music we would play before bands etc. etc. and as soon as this came on people went nuts. Great band live too!”
“This is just awesome, I discovered him one evening in downtown Quebec city and as of today, he gave one of the best show I’ve seen, GO BRJ!!!”
“Amazing artist and an amazing song. ‘Dinner With the Devil’ changed my life”
“An outstanding show, Jake! I was transported. You are a remarkable talent.”

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