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The Artists, The Tavern and Big Rude

By John Preston

Gables Tavern hosts the Grand Bend Art Centre fundraiser featuring Big Rude Jake.

Sometimes, I really love my job.

On Saturday May 12, 2012 artists, musicians and Arts scene lovers congregated in Gables Tavern in Grand Bend in support of the local Art Centre on River Road to listen to the Swing, Blues and Jazz gospel of Big Rude Jake and the Jump City Crusaders. Over 150 people tapped their feet or danced with their partners to Jake’s “Bawdy House Jazz” revival combining blues, swing, ragtime and unique wit.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Big Rude Jake and was disappointed that I might miss the show due to a previous engagement in the GTA. In fact, when my wife and I finally showed up, we thought the venue was empty and the band long gone. However, taking a chance and heading into Gables anyway, we discovered that the smiling, enthusiastic crowd were crammed in by the dance floor. I often push my love for Jake’s style of “punk swing” on friends and family who have yet to appreciate it, so it was incredible to see people thoroughly enjoying the music and really getting into the raw energy that BRJ and the Jump City Crusaders bring to any venue.

And this is why, sometimes, I really love my job. Meeting one of my all-time favourite artists was a real bonus after a long day and for a good cause such as the Grand Bend Art Centre makes pushing my literary wares on a generous community well worth it.

The Grand Bend Art Centre had many volunteers that evening, serving patrons drinks and free appetizers. Co-organizer, Teresa Marie says that Peter Phillips, who invited Big Rude Jake, has a profound love for music and chooses musicians for events such as this that have a unique style and energy they can bring to the crowd.

Big Rude Jake is still performing in Toronto on a regular basis with a combination of his duet group BR2 and his larger 7-instrument big band sound; and has a new album about to be released. You can find out more and order songs and albums from

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